Questions & Solutions HASD Website Forum - Questions & Solutions en-us Greg Forton  During our first inservice on Advanced Web design we looked at several of our web sites, took notes on each others ideas, and worked through a couple of problems.

Scott Resch found a solution to importing a Power Point so all the links remain active.

Scott Brielmaier found a possible solution to integrating his old web pages without having to start from scratch. I'm still thinking there may be some additional avenues we haven't explored to make this a more smooth transition. This will help a lot of people throughout the district.

Pat Koss found a solution to Andrew Schweitzer's question about how to get the YouTube video to be centered in the screen. "change the embedded program language beginning to <center>.

We talked about the proper steps that should be used when embedding a video, whether we could import our own video without having to use TouTube or Teacher Tube, and different options for maintaining calendars. An import of a Google calendar was a great suggestion by Ben Schmidt.

We talked through how to add interactive forms and the difference uses of slideshows verses Photo Galleries.

We were running into a problem with embedding a TeacherTube video into Terry Zeinert's web page, and are still working on a solution. the screen kept showing blue screen and was unusable. 

Let's keep the creative juices flowing and use this site as a sounding board and find additional solutions to our web site problems.

Sat, 13 Feb 2010 12:46:48