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The latest development by Cresford Corporation is an outstanding effort to push through boundaries and realize pure excellences. 33 Yorkville condos encompass all the features that one desires. The units available that are available in this project offer superior luxury living. It is presently being constructed at the lovely neighborhood of Yorkville in Downtown Toronto and are equipped with master bedrooms with marble countertops, superbly spacious billiards and bowling rooms, an outdoor pool and a state-of-the-art theatre room. The 33 Yorkville Condo Development provides a plethora of accessibilities right the moment you step out the door. There are several enriching features such as fine dining, luxury shopping, exclusive entertainment theatres available on the property itself. Yorkville is also known to be a popular location as it is the city’s main transition centre since it is situated between the intersection of the first and second subway lines.

33 Yorkville – One of Cresford’s finest!

Cresford Development Corporation is one of the best in the land development industry and has over 40 years of experience. They have inspired several ventures with the aim of making “luxury livable” and have strived to provide superbly designed condos at the most convenient locations. 33 Yorkville is their next step ahead in their journey to define luxury. This latest venture is soon to become one of the finest condominium developments in Yorkville. It offers all the latest features along with being designed by Peter Clewes from ArchitectsAlliance. The revised edition of 33 Yorkville’s architecture has been so designed in order to inculcate pedestrian friendly features for the surrounding public’s convenience. This latest addition to the complex is presumably under development along the eastern side of the project, which is between Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street. Upon the northern side of the available open space, 6.7 meter walkway shall be constructed and along the southern side, a 15.3 meter parking area is underway. Also, about 1326 bicycle parking spaces is also under construction which includes 1046 residential parking and 280 visitor parking spaces. These bicycle parking spaces, which have been included in the project, will be located at the base of the towers.

Comfort has never been more pleasurable at Yorkville

Yorkville is an emblematic location that combines the advantage of both high edge living and a luxurious lifestyle. 33 Yorkville Toronto is a pre-construction endeavor that will have two magnificently designed towers that offer dual condos equipped with all the latest amenities. These towers include units off all types such as single bed, double bed and triple bed along with their very own dens. The first towers will be 71 storeys while the other will be 46 storeys high. The entire infrastructure is located between Yorkville and Cumberland Street and is presumed to be completed by 2022. The best part about 33 Yorkville is that it is located in the Bloor area where public amenities such as flagship shopping shops, espresso bars and vegetarian grab-and-go joints are easily available. The entire area, where the two towers of  33 Yorkville is situated, specializes in condominiums which accounts for 81 % of its sales.

33 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON M4W 1L1
Phone: 647-952-1217 

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