Classroom Discipline Plan


1. Respect the thoughts and feelings of others.

2. Listen.

3. Cooperate with others.

4. Give encouragement.

5. Take Turns.  Be fair.  Share.

6. Be kind and use kind words.

7. Be helpful.

8. Be polite.

9. Be gentle.



1st time rule is broken:  Verbal warning

2nd time rule is broken:  10 minutes in from recess

3rd time rule is broken:  20 minutes in from recess

4th time rule is broken:  Parent called

5th time rule is broken:  Sent to principal

Severe clause:  Sent to principal

The above consequences are cumulative in nature.  Specific behaviors supersede the above consequences and will result in the severe clause.  Behaviors resulting in the severe clause include: endangering others, destruction of property, open defiance, and chronic lack of responsibility. 



Individual Awards: Verbal praise, positive notes home, stickers, candy, computer time, special award items, free assignment sheets, polar bear slips

Group Awards: Class party or movie, extra recess, computer free time, special projects

Positive reinforcements are given when students choose to behave in an acceptable manner.  At the same time, this will encourage those with unacceptable behaviors to switch to more appropriate ones. 

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