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The Kingly Condo Project offers around 5,425 square feet of indoor amenity space which will be situated on the 1st, 2nd as well as rooftop floors of the two towers. Furthermore, a wide open parking space which is proposed to have 113 vehicles from which 84 slots for the public and 29 for visitors will be offered as well. There will be two towers included in this venture where one will be 14 stories and the other over 15. The first one will provide retail spaces on one floor while the rest are allotted as corporate spaces. The second tower is purely residential and features 116 suites of varying dimensions. The infrastructure exhibits artistically spectacular features such as fine linear lines, contrasting shades and other modern elements. The proposed condos can be divided into 50 single bed room units, 39 double bed room units and 9 triple bedroom units.

Relax in a High Rise Luxury Suite at Kingly Condos

Kingly Condos has been designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects who have made sure that all the condominiums are uniquely crafted and offer the best of facilities for all its esteemed residents. 620 King Street West is an iconic location that merges the advantages of both opulent living and conventional structure. Kingly Condos is a pre-construction project that will have two creatively designed towers which offer ultra modern condos equipped with all latest amenities. These towers include units of different categories such as a single bed, double bed and triple bed condos, with as well as without dens. The first tower will be 14 stories high while the other will be 15 stories high. The entire infrastructure is located at the intersection between Portland Street and King Street West, and is presumed to be completed by 2019. The best part about Kingly Street is that it is located in the perfect location where public amenities such as flagship shopping centers, espresso bars and on the go food joints are easily available. The entire area, where the two towers of Kingly Condos are situated, prioritizes condominiums which accounts for 81 % of its sales. Kingly Condo Floor Plans include luxury suits that vary from 416 square feet till 2800 square feet.


Imagine having the Most Exquisite Home Cornelius Feel like Home

Kingly Condos are simply located between the neighborhoods of Portland Street and King Street which is presently one of the most desirable living areas on demand in Toronto. It provides a superb relaxing ambience where you can live, play and enjoy in the most peaceful living conditions. The surrounding commoner’s area is intended to be included in the complex and is being developed to provide a tranquil ambience. Features also included in this project are a large indoor amenity area measuring 5,425 square feet. There is also a large parking area with a capacity of 113 vehicles from which 84 will be allotted for common use and the other 29 parking slots for residents..


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