5-4, 5-3 Search Shark: Effective Searches
Category: Fifth Grade
Date: May 18, 2018

Search Shark: Effective Searches

• I can discover how keywords can help me search information online more quickly and efficiently.
• I can evaluate keywords for their relevance and helpfulness.
• I can practice identifying the most effective keywords for different online search scenarios.
Essential Question:
Why is it important to choose the right keywords when you search online?
Lesson Objectives:
Students learn how to choose effective keywords when they search for information online and practice selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt. Along the way, students discover hints to narrow search terms to save time and yield more efficient search results.
Key Vocabulary:
A keyword is a word you use to search for information about a topic. Use keywords to search more quickly and efficiently!

1 - Digital Passport: Earn Blue Badge:
1) Play and Learn in Digital Password:
Next students will operate a "Search Shark" who only has an appetite only for the best keywords that swim in the waters around him.
Log in to your Digital Passport and play the entire Search: Search Shark game until you earn your blue Mission Badge.

2 - Search Mission PDF Document:

♦AFTER you earn your Digital Passport Search Shark blue badge, complete your Search Shark Mission:

Privacy Mission:

2) Complete your Search Shark Mission File:
With a partner seated next to you, finish a comic strip by typing sentences that describe how two kids might handle the same situation quite differently.
Click and download the Search Shark PDF file with your partner(s). Click File > Save As and save the file to your B: drive digital literacy folder.
Name the file with your class section, both partners’ first and last names and Privacy Mission. Example: Search_Shark_Mission
In Internet Explorer, FILE > Save AS.
In Microsoft Edge, RIGHT CLICK > SAVE AS.
Name the file correctly. Example: Privacy_Mission.

Save your finalized Search_Shark_Mission to your Network B: Drive > Fifth Grade_ > Digital Literacy Folder.


UPLOAD the file to your Office 365 OneDrive Dig Lit Folder.


RIGHT CLICK and SHARE your file with Ms. Miller.



3 - Edmodo Assignment #1 (NOT QUIZ):
♦Next, complete the following student learning tasks in order in your Edmodo Small 5-4 or 5-3 Group:
Search Shark Edmodo Reflect Assignment:
• Click OPEN ASSIGNMENT ⇒ Create Text Response ⇒ and then type your answer inside the Text Box in complete sentences.
• Click TURN IN ASSIGNMENTTURN IN to submit your assignment.

1. Why is it important to choose the right keywords?
2. What are some things to remember when you choose keywords?
3. Which online searching tip will you share with your family and friends?

1. It is important to choose the right keywords because ____.
2. Some things to remember when I choose keywords are ____.
3. The online searching tip I will share with my family and friends is ____.

4 - Quizlet ALL Search Shark Tasks:
Type your new username in the following format:

Use your school password.

A. Study the Search Shark: Digital Citizenship Flashcards.
B. Play the Search Shark: Digital Citizenship Match game.
C. Then complete the Learn until you complete 100%.
D. Finally, take the Matching Test:
In the Test, click Options, select Matching ONLY, and click Create new test. (Re-take the Matching Test until you earn 80 to 100%).
E. With Ms. Miller during your next class, play Quizlet Live with other students in small groups.



1) Take the Final Search Shark Assessments in Edmodo and Mastery Connect.

2) If needed, use Google Chrome to take the Mastery Connect assessment. smiley


Learn at Home:


Curriculum Attribution: All of our fifth grade digital citizenship lessons are adapted directly from Digital Passport and Common Sense Media • Education, an exemplary non-profit organization committed to educating and empowering students, teachers, and parents with essential digital literacy, media, and technology skills.

Typing Pal (AFTER finishing lesson)

• I can use proper posture and finger placement to build my keyboarding skills.

♦Log in to Typing Pal and follow all posted fifth grade instructions carefully. Be sure to use the Snipping Tool to save and submit screenshots as needed in Office 365 OneDrive.

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