Category: 8th Grade
Date: November 1, 2016

Learning Targets:

I will….

  • Navigate in OneNote Structure
  • Create a new OneNote notebook
  • Add sections, pages, tables, pictures, audio, PowerPoints and documents to my new notebook
  • Share your notebook
  • Create tags in OneNote
  • Search in OneNote
  • Link information in OneNote
  • Access, create, save and share Microsoft OneNote Notebooks
  • Meet international technology standards for Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen and Innovative Designer

To Do:

1. Open your Onenote Document Office 365 from the Classroom Sharepoint Site.

2. Start with OneNote Initiataion so you can learn how to create and use OneNote.

3. You will have several challenges to work through. Each challenge will have reading, vidoes, assignments and assessments, please take them in order.

Quest 1: What is OneNote
Quest 2: Working Smarter with OneNote
Quest 3: Getting the Most out of OneNote
Quest 4: Student Scenarios with OneNote
Quest 5: Working/Collaborating in OneNote

4. When you have finished all the challenges you will earn your badge in Edmodo.

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