Name Title Email Phone Web site
Acker, Karen English Teacher Email 920-779-7900 ext 13223 Web site
Ahlborg, Megan Special Education Email 920-779-7911 ext. 31169 Web site
Ales, Lisa Grade 3 Email 920-779-7911 ext. 33103 Web site
Anderson, Craig 7th Grade Science/SS Email 920-779-7922 ext. 23110 Web site
Archambo, Andrea Health Aide Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 65103 Web site
Arps, Tanya School Counselor Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 64110 Web site
Augustyn, Julianne ParaProfessional Email 920-757-7160
Awe, Sarah Special Education Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 61100 Web site
Bahr, Brian School Resource Officer Email
Ballestad, Melissa 6th Grade Teacher Email 920-757-7140 ext. 51204 Web site
Bartelt, Michelle Literacy Coach Email 920-757-7030 Web site
Baudhuin, Brigette Online Services Manager Email 920-779-7959 Web site
Bauer, Jenny Kindergarten Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 41126 Web site
Baumgart, Tiffany ID Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 41132 Web site
Becker, Jennifer School Counselor Email 920-757-7160 ext. 43128 Web site
Behm, Luke Business and Informational Technology Email 920-779-7900 ext 15127 Web site
Behm, Sara Speech and Language Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 64118 Web site
Behnke, Christopher Special Education Teacher Email 920-779-7900 ext 15146 Web site
Behnke, Laurie Library ParaProfessional Email 920-757-7160 ext. 43131
Beidel, Jessica Playground/Lunch Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 64116
Bennett, Alaina School Psychologist Email 920-779-7933 Web site
Bergmann, Brenda Business Services Assistant Email 920-779-7907 Ext 17147
Berndt, Nicole Special Education ID Teacher Email 9207797933 Web site
Besaw, Cecilia Kindergarten Email 920-779-7911 ext. 34101 Web site
Billmeier, Missy Supplemental Reading/Reading Recovery Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 41103 Web site
Blakewell, Susan ELL Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 41107 Web site
Blum, Patty Physical Education Email 920-779-7911 ext. 31105 Web site
Bong, Alex Choral Director Email Web site
Borowski, Lisa Math Coach/Interventionist/GATE Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 61104 Web site
Braemer, Stacie 6th Grade Teacher Email Web site
Brahe, Anne Social Sciences Email 920-779-7900 ext 13221 Web site
Breaker, Lisa Technology Education Email 920-779-7900 ext 12102 Web site
Breit, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 63109 Web site
Brester, Kevin Mathematics Email 920-779-7900 ext 17119 Web site
Bricco, Amanda Lunch Supervisor Email 920-779-7933 Web site
Brielmaier, Scott Science Email 920-779-7900 ext 15112 Web site
Brightwell, Jeff Alternative Education Email 920-779-7900 ext 13106 Web site
Brill, Amanda English Email 920-779-7900 ext 13204 Web site
Bronson, Molly Paraprofessional Email 920-779-7933 Web site
Brown, William Physical Education/Health Teacher Email 920-757-7140 Web site
Bunnell, Joanne Health Aide Email 920-779-7922 ext 26110 Web site
Buntrock, Amanda 3rd Grade Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 42122 Web site
Bushmaker, Kathryn 5th Grade Teacher Email 920-757-7140 Web site
Byom, Connie Paraprofessional Email 920-779-7933 Ext 15129 Web site
Carber, Rebecca ParaProfessional Email 920-757-7160
Carney, Bridget English Teacher Email 920-779-7900 ext 13212 Web site
Cass, Dawn Administrative Assistant Email 920 757 7159 ext. 53100 Web site
Cherney, Chris Literacy Coach Email 920-757-7030 Ext. 61101 Web site
Chevremont, Staci Counselor Email 920-779-7934 Web site
Christensen, Scott 3rd Grade Teacher Email 920-757-7160 ext. 42126 Web site